Hey There, Lil’ Pilgrim

For almost the whole of November, Nathaniel couldn’t stop talking about a program he had to do at school. He kept asking if his teacher had emailed me a date on when it would happen. I had to keep telling him ‘no’ until the day I actually got it.

The last day of school before Thankgiving break, his 1st grade class was doing a reader’s theater. The time was later in the afternoon so I figured we’d have no issues getting there on time. I was wrong. We were only a few minutes behind and when we walked into the classroom they had already started. We barely got to hear Nate’s part and then it was over.

I was feeling a bit frustrated, but then the teacher told the kids they’d take a quick break and then do it again for the parents who may have missed the 1st go around (I wasn’t the only one, yay!). We then got to see the whole thing and it was cute, although my kid didn’t speak very loudly and only had one quick little part.

(Turn Up The Volume….1st Graders Don’t Speak Very Loudly)

Nate’s teacher then said that the kids could leave if the parents were there. It was only 5 minutes before school really got out, but Nate was ecstatic that he got to leave early with Mommy and that he’d get a ride home.

When we got home he couldn’t wait to show me his cute bracelet that they made during their ‘party’ and he made sure he named what each colored bead represented. I just thought he made the cutest little pilgrim!

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