A Bunch Of Turkeys

Thanksgiving was fast approaching and we had yet to do our traditional paper turkeys. I don’t know that the kids look forward to it as much as I do, but I try to make sure we do it yearly.
This year it was super simple to get all the hands and feet cut out as the Silhouette Eric got me a few months ago is an awesome little device and made it sooo easy. I was almost giddy with how little work I had to do to get it all ready to go.
For whatever reason we decided to do it in conjunction with Family Home Evening. Normally that would’ve been fine, but on this particular day – Eric got home almost 2 hours later than normal. I should’ve just forgotten about it and tried to do it the next day, but when I have plans to get something done – it needs to get done. This made for an extra long night and a bit of a temperamental mommy.
We had a nice talk about being thankful and grateful and the things we should be thankful for. Then we went to work. It was nice that everyone was able to do their own thing and I just did Jacen’s. It meant that Nate and Ailey had an interesting looking turkey, but it was theirs.
So from our turkeys to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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