California Dreaming

5th grade is the year when the kids get to learn more about the States, or so I’m guessing – as Lex had to do a State Report. He chose the state of California (I’m guessing it’s because he had so much fun at Disneyland) and they did most of the work at school. I was all for doing work at school because it is a school project.
A couple of times he mentioned he needed the computer to print off a couple of pictures and that was about all we heard and saw of him working on this project. 
Then a few weeks before the project was due, I just happened upon some papers in his backpack and in that stack of papers was some important information. The students were supposed to make a float of their state and it was something that had to be done at home! Because a poster isn’t enough, they needed to do some sort of project. UGH!
Thankfully, I saw it a few weeks in advance so we had time. I decided we’d start the float on the Sunday of my birthday and then we put some final touches on it the next day. Lex took it to school and waited anxiously for the little kids and I to come see him at school.
While his float wasn’t the greatest of floats present, it looked pretty good. I was just hoping he’d get an okay grade overall. He got all points possible for his float which made all the work sort of worth it. I still think it’s ridiculous to do silly little projects along with a poster, but I just get ornery when teachers think parents have all sorts of time to help their kids with stuff like that.

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