Double Trouble

My little brother and sister both had sons born about 20 days apart. Because my little brother is no longer with his son’s mom, they have seperate birthday parties for him. My little sister is a good big sister to our brother and they combine these boys parties. (Okay so they’ve only had 2, but both of the parties were joint ones)
This year the party was on November 15 and it seems both boys were slightly under the weather. I didn’t really notice it in my one nephew, but I could tell that the other one wasn’t really acting like himself.
They had a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party and the decorations were awesome. My little brother found a huge Mickey Mouse balloon that was a hit with all the kids, but especially Jace. My little sister did some other fun decorations, but I loved the picture frames she put together. 
They didn’t really have to plan anything because when the cousins get together, they have fun no matter what’s happening. This particular day, balloons were the hit and my nephew, Carson had a great time playing with Tanis.
Happy Birthday, Vince & Ry!

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