All About The Woodwinds

Before school started and when we were making elective class choices with Shaylyn she decided she wanted to join band and play the flute. (So not sure where the want for band comes in as neither Eric nor I played an instrument) So we put band down as one of her electives and sure enough she was in band.

This meant that not only would we be going to concerts for Tanis, we’d also be going to support Shaylyn. This was a bit frustrating as it also meant we get to take all the kids to concerts as our babysitters are both performers.

Thankfully the band teacher made our lives easier and instead of doing a concert in both October and December, she just did one in November. Each group played a Halloween type song and a Christmas type song.

So on the 12th we made our way over to the school. We had to stand in line for about an hour before they opened doors. This could’ve been a problem, but I decided to let the kids kind of play around in the lunch room area outside the auditorium. I figured they’d get all their energy out and hopefully sit better during the concert. They did okay.

And once again, I forgot to charge the camera battery, so halfway in between Shaylyn’s songs I had to pull my phone out. One day I’ll remember to charge the battery before hand…One day.
And someday, I’ll figure out how this little guy was able to sleep through a band concert! He’s got mad skills, yo!

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