Happy Birthday, Carson!

My nephew was having his 4th birthday party at a bowling alley. The whole family was excited, especially the kids as they really enjoy it and we really don’t do it very often. Then we looked at our calendar a little more closely and realized Shaylyn had a cheer competition the same day. 
This was a little more than sad because Shaylyn and my nephew are pretty close. For whatever reason, Carson has chosen Shaylyn as his ‘favorite’. She thinks he’s pretty awesome too and was sad that she would have to miss the party.
Eric and I talked a little bit about who should do what and who should be where. In the end we decided I’d take the rest of the kids to the party and he’d go support Shaylyn at her competition. 
Because of an issue with Amazon and shipping, my nephew’s present didn’t arrive in time. So we left a little earlier than I would’ve so that we could stop at a store and grab another present for him. Thankfully the kids did pretty good in the store and we were in and out in no time.
We got to the bowling alley about the same time as my mom and then went in and got everybody all ready to go. 
It wasn’t easy helping 2 little ones bowl and keeping another little one occupied, but I had some great helpers. Tanis is always awesome when Eric’s not with us and helps me out however he can, so he helped Ailey bowl a few times. My little sister held Jace almost everytime it was my time to bowl – which is pretty amazing considering Jace has some stranger anxiety. My mom also chipped in occasionally. My little sisters boy pretty much demanded her attention and my older sister’s little girl also wanted Grandma a lot. 
We had a great time and I felt bad I didn’t get a chance to visit with my nephew or his parents a little more. I even bowled 2 strikes, which is pretty good for me considering I haven’t gone bowling in quite a while. I texted Eric so that he believed me. I’m pretty sure it only happened because he wasn’t with me. HAHAHA!

…The Birthday Boy with his Mom and Dad…
After the party my kids really wanted to go to grandma’s to spend a little more time with their cousins. I decided we’d go because we really don’t get to my mom’s as often as we probably should. The kids had lots of fun together and I was able to help my sister tie a quilt for her hubby’s Christmas gift. 

When we got home we heard Shaylyn’s team got 1st at her competition again and she was more than thrilled, but still kind of sad to miss the party.

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