Random October

Here’s a glimpse into some random happenings of this month.
I spent a night with my mom and sisters and left the kids with Daddy. While Daddy was watching the kids he had given Jace some cheetos. The kid quickly discovered he liked them. He must’ve also recognized what the bag looks like because a few days later we were at the store and I threw a bag of cheetos into the cart. Next thing I knew, Jace was trying to get some cheetos. Sadly the bag got in the way.
Shaylyn left her lunch at home one morning and asked me to bring it to her. So the little kids and I hopped in the car and took her her lunch. Ailey decided that she wanted to wear my sunglasses and she wanted me to take a picture to send to Daddy. (We were parked in a parking lot when I took the picture)
Jace doesn’t like to go to bed until after 10 most nights. So he spends a lot of time hanging out with Mommy and Daddy while we watch shows after the other kids have gone to bed. One such night Eric was also tired and when the show I was watching was over, I looked over and saw this. They were sleeping so similarly that I just had to take a picture.

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