Let The Competitions Begin…

October brought about the Cheer Competition Season.

Because I was never in Dance or Cheer myself, I had no idea what a competition all entailed. We quickly learned at the first one.

Because of our Cheer Mom, I knew that the day would be longish – so Eric and I had decided ahead of time that I would just take Shaylyn and he’d stay home with the other kids. It also helped that Eric’s cousin was having a baby shower the same afternoon.

So the morning of the first competition came. Shaylyn had to be there by like 9:30 in the morning, so it was a fairly early morning. We had to get her all dolled up and travel about a half hour or so to the venue.

We arrived and she found her group, while I found a seat on bleachers. Before long, Shaylyn’s best friend Mikayla and her mom, Jessica arrived. I was thankful for Jessica being there. We sat and visited while we waited for our girls to perform. 
It took quite awhile. There were 3 or 4 teams competing and then you have some soloists and duos competing as well. There’s also 4 or so grades from each school area competing. So Shaylyn was part of Westlake’s 7th grade team, but one of the little teams, 6th graders, 8th graders and 9th graders were also a part of it.

Our 7th graders went and did an awesome job. And yes, I was just a little nervous about my little girl being the flyer (especially since she’s had no gymanastic experience)…
Then we sat and waited for results. Our girls couldn’t leave until results and it would’ve been pointless anyway as they were doing team pictures afterwards.

So the results came in and our girls got 1st place!!! Yay girls. In this particular competition the coach got the trophy and the girls got a medallion.
After the competition we headed around the block where they were taking the team pics. While there Jessica and I decided we should have Makayla and Shaylyn get a picture together. Yes, we had to pay extra – but I think when Shaylyn is older she’ll like to have this photo.
My baby girl is growing up way too fast… 

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