Field Trip #2: The Pumpkin Patch

So with the joy school that we do with Ailey, each of the mom’s are in charge of one field trip. My field trip just so happened to happen the first week I taught as well. It was kind of funny how it worked out that way, but it worked out to be good timing. 
I decided to do the field trip on a Wednesday because it’s the day Eric works at home and I figured I’d give him some peace and quiet that day. It also broke up the 3 days I had to teach. Which I was all for.
I looked into a few different Pumpkin Patch’s and tried to find the best deal that would also be fun for the kids. I looked into one my nephew’s 1st grade class had gone to that looked like fun from the pictures my sister posted. It was only $20 for a small group like ours which meant that it’d only cost each kid $3 or $4. They also had discounted pumpkins for like $2 if you wanted one. It was definitely the route we went for.
We lucked out and had a beautiful morning and it wasn’t too terribly crowded by the time we got there so the kids had room to explore and have some fun. 
We first came across some HUGE pumpkins that were perfect for photo opps.
Ailey was a great helper and big sister when I wanted some pictures of Jace.
The Preschool Group (With an extra toddler, for good measure)
And if arranged marriages were legal in the US, Ailey would so be marrying this cutie.
We then started making our way to the corn maze, but some chickens thought they needed to show off a little bit first.
There was a scarecrow sorta pointing us in the right direction.
Then we made it to the entrance of the corn maze.
The maze was pretty crazy and the adults couldn’t really find our way out. Thankfully, we didn’t really lose any children though.
On the outside of the maze are a few place your face in the hole cutout things and you know we spent a few minutes messing around with those.
While Jace was just sitting there like, “Yeah, this is real fun…”
Then we found a place where the kids could just go crazy for awhile, and go crazy they did.
The 2 J’s (who are only a few months apart) had some time to chill together.
Before leaving, Farmer J. made sure to check on the chickens.
I’d like to say we had a successful field trip. The kids all seemed to have fun and I think they all left with a pumpkin of their own choosing. I was super thankful for the nice weather and that Jace was in pretty good spirits for the majority of time.

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