While we’re on the topic of dogs (see previous post), I thought it was time to introduce you all to the newest 4 legged member of the family. His name is Domino and he is a Miniature Schnauzer.
Ever since Eric’s brother had gotten his puppy, I had decided we needed another dog. I kept looking around but couldn’t really ever find one that was in the budget. Then one day I had the thought to look at the site for the Humane Society closest to us. 
After searching for just a few minutes I saw this cute little black face staring out from the other side of the screen. I knew I had to go look in person.
So I quickly got Ailey and Jace ready and we headed out. (I wanted to surprise the rest of the kids) We got to the shelter and went back to look at the dogs. Ailey kept wanting to get a dachsund (they had two there), but I think they’re some of the weirdest looking dogs ever – so I wasn’t so keen on getting one. There was a shih-tzu there that I thought about getting, but I kept being drawn to a quiet little black dog on the other side of the room. 
That was that. I just couldn’t leave him and so we brought him home and made him ours. 
His name at the pound was Skip, but I didn’t like that. So I thought about something like Scooter, but the kids didn’t like it. So Shaylyn went through a list of dog names and kept shouting them out and we finally all agreed on Domino. Eric didn’t like the name so much and thought he should be called Toto, because he reminded him of the dog in The Wizard Of Oz
The kids love having Domino around and he is such an easy going dog. He loves to play and is pretty obedient – except that he likes to run away (we’re working on it). He was housebroken and is a snuggler.
While Flower doesn’t LOVE him being around, she is content with him. As long as he minds his own business and doesn’t try to get her to play, he’s fine. But she’s onery and doesn’t like it when Domino wants to play. It’s actually kind of funny to watch.

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