Any Given Sunday

Most Sundays find us at Eric’s mom’s house. She is so good to make dinner for pretty much my family, Eric’s brother and her. Seriously she could feed 2 people and chooses to feed 10 instead and that’s almost every week.
Recently, Eric’s brother got a Shih-Tzu puppy and both she and the kids enjoy being around each other. This Sunday was no exception.
Greg had taken the 5 of the 6 kids over to a park to play a little baseball and so that left Jace and I hanging out with Charity. Eric was helping his mom with something. So I pulled out my phone and once again got some fun photos that pretty much describe most Sundays for us.
Jace figured out how to take a selfie:
So of course we had to take a couple ‘group selfies’:
Jace channeled his inner daredevil:
Charity and Jace waited patiently for everyone else to come back to Grandma’s:
Then they gave up and Jace allowed Charity to give him a bath while he relaxed:
We really do enjoy our fun Sunday afternoons.

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