Another First

The boys were all in need of haircuts, so I asked my cute friend Jobi to help out. We set up a day and that was that.

In the period between talking to Jobi and actually getting the haircuts I had decided that Jace was also in need of a haircut, but I was sad that it meant we’d have to cut off his cute little blonde curls.

On the other hand, it was long and the poor kid looked like he had wings coming out of his head. It was just time to get it done.

I was nervous about how he’d take to having a ‘stranger’ so close to him. But he surprised both Jobi and I and did an awesome job. Jobi said he was one of the best babies she’d ever had to cut hair for. YAY!

And I left my camera at home, but thank goodness for cell phones. We got a few cute pictures and I’m glad we have them.

The only downside of the experience was how grown up Jace looked after all was said and done. And yes, we kept some of his little curls. Eric thinks I’ve gone to a whole new level of weird.

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