Hot, Hot, Hot

On the 19th, it was time for Ailey’s 1st ever Field Trip!!! It was a trip to the fire station. We are lucky enough that we have one within walking distance. So early in the morning we head out and drop Lex and Nate off at school along our way.

I was worried that we would be late, as it was supposed to be at 9:00 and we dropped the boys off right about that time. However, as we crossed the street from the school and made our way to the fire station, we about ran smack into Ailey’s ‘boyfriend’ Asher.

I was glad to see we weren’t late. As Asher’s mom and I get to the fire station we notice we’re the first ones even there. I relaxed even more. Within the next 10 minutes the rest of our group arrived, but there was no one at the station!

The mom who arranged the Field Trip got on the phone to try and figure out what was going on. Turns out the fire fighters had something that had had to attend to, but were on their way back. As soon as they got back the tour started.

We were all super surprised to learn the inside of the fire house is a LOT smaller than it looks on the outside. The Chief’s office also serves as his bedroom and is about the size of a kid’s bedroom. The kitchen is an okay size, then the other bedroom is exactly like a dorm room. A small room with two beds and a small bookcase in the middle of the room sort of separating the room.
After the tour of the building we were off to see the trucks. We learned that there is a difference between a Fire Truck and a Fire Engine. I believe that the vehicles with the ladder are the Fire Trucks and the ones without are the Fire Engines, though my memory is faulty and I could have those completely wrong!
The kids were able to go through the Fire Engine, although Ailey was a stinker and wasn’t in the most cooperative mood. She later told me the Fire Fighters were scary (even though none of them ever even put on their fire gear).

(These guys were pretty cool. The guy on the left didn’t say much. The guy on the far right was the one leading the tour and was pretty awesome with the kids. The guy next to him was also kind of quiet, but did interact with the kids when they talked to him)
Overall, it was a successful first field trip. The firefighters sent us away with a hat for all the kids (including all our ‘babies’) and coloring books. After the fire station, we took the kids to the park to play for awhile.
Later in the day Jace became a firefighter and made a darn stinkin’ cute one if I do say so myself!

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