My Baby’s All Growned Up…In Some Ways

I was talking to my good friend, Yvonne one day. She mentioned how I told her that I didn’t ever want to do a ‘joy-school’ type thing with my kids again. I told her I still kind of felt that way. She then told me that her and our other good friend, Heather were going to be doing one with their boys and she didn’t want me to feel bad. 
I was thankful for her honesty and that she left it open for me if I changed my mind. I gave it some thought over the next day and decided that it would be best if Ailey joined in. I didn’t want to do it if it was going to be real formal, but Yvonne assured me that it wasn’t.
I figured it was a good thing for Ailey. She gets pretty bored without the older kids around and Jace can only do so much with her. It also opened her up to make new friends. The down-side is that I’ll have to take my turn, but thankfully it’ll only be every 6 weeks!
We decided we’d start our Preschool the Wednesday after Labor Day. Ailey woke up that morning super excited for Preschool and said, “Today I go to Preschool” followed by a nice scream. 
While I was leery of the 9:00 start time (I’m just getting Lex and Nate out the door), it was actually nice this day. She didn’t have to wait all day to go to school and she was so cooperative to get dressed and get her hair done.
She was less cooperative to take pictures as she was just ready to GO!
Ailey is absolutely loving preschool. She loves that she gets to be with her friends everyday and she’s even excited about the projects she gets to do. I’ve been loving it because she doesn’t complain when I have to do her hair.

It’s also been nice to have a couple hours of quiet every other day (Jace sleeps at almost the exact same time frame). Although I do gotta say, I kind of miss this spunky little miss too.

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