Labor Day 2014

About a week before Labor Day my older sister let the family know she was planning on taking her daughter to the zoo on Labor Day. She invited all who wanted to go, to go with her. I decided we’d go as it wouldn’t cost us anything and we’d be with family. Also, because of our pass we could get 2 members of my family in with us for free.

My family wanted to meet at 9, but I knew there was no way I was going to get our kids and myself ready and out the door by 8 to get to the zoo by 9. So I said we’d be good at 10. 10:00 seemed to work for everyone else.

So we all met up at 10:00 and the zoo was already a zoo. We had to take a few minutes to decide how we were going to spend the least amount of money. My little sister had gotten discount tickets for her family and so we just needed to figure out who was going to get in with us. It was decided that my two little brothers, Donovan (who was in town from Wyoming!) and Logan would be the lucky winners. Logan’s little boy was also able to get in with us as he gets in for free.

Eric had taken the car to figure out where to park and had Jace with him as he was still sleeping when we arrived. So we had to wait around for Eric to park and get into the zoo and the rest of the family to buy their tickets.

When everyone was ready to go, we got started. We kind of let others lead the way as we’d been to the zoo a few times already. Because it was so crowded it was hard for all of us to stay together and a few times Eric, the kids and I got separated from everyone else.

At one place in the zoo we actually ran into Eric’s uncle. His family had also decided to come to the zoo that day. It was kind of fun to run into him.

While it was super crowded, we did get to see quite a few animals. In the times we’ve been to the zoo before we hadn’t seen the lions. This time we actually saw the lioness.
A couple more animal shots:
And because it’s me, at the zoo, guess what I saw? Some animals ‘playing’. Every year I go to the zoo, I always end up at the zoo when certain sets of animals decide it’s play time. 
It was getting hot and kids were getting ornery. We had decided not to have lunch at the zoo and to go back to my mom’s for a bbq. So with hot, tired and hungry kids – most of us decided to call it a day and head back to my mom’s. My older sister, husband, friend and my dad all stayed for the bird show.
While we were waiting for everyone to get back from the zoo, Jace and my older sister’s daughter Emery had tons of fun playing. They are only 3 months apart and really seem to enjoy being around each other.

We eventually just got started on food and then had a nice night visiting. Tanis was anxious to play some games, so Donovan and I played a game with him. Then we played another game and I think we got Eric in on it.

We then decided we’d better get home as it was still a school night. It was a fun day and I was glad we had something to do.

And again, because I took too many pictures – I made a slideshow (and I didn’t even include all the pictures I took). And yes, Ailey thought it was a day for her own personal photo shoot. Pay close attention to her shirt and one of the faces she pulls – no, it wasn’t planned!

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