ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge had been going around for a few months and we had seemed to avoid being challenged…..Until our good friends, the Wards, got to us.

It started with Eric. Doug called Eric out and I was kind of surprised to see that Eric was all on board for doing so. So one Sunday afternoon, after our Home Teachers had finished their visit – Eric asked them to help him with the challenge. (Our Home Teachers happen to be Eric’s good friend, Anthony and his son Aaron)

This is how Eric’s challenge went down:


Lex was watching Eric and while he wasn’t nominated by anyone, he thought he would show how brave he was and do it too.

So Lex called out his friend, Brayden. Brayden nominated his brother Landon and Landon nominated Tanis and Shaylyn. So Tanis and Shaylyn took a turn.

And just when I thought it was ‘safe to get back in the water’, Eric’s brother, Greg – made sure I didn’t escape.

Quite honestly, though – we were all happy to be part of something like this. I’ve never quite known how to help out different organizations – or exactly which ones to help, so I’m glad this gave us a real chance to do something.

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