Oh So One-derful

Sadly, it had to happen. Our baby boy had his 1st birthday. It was a very bittersweet day. On the one hand, I’m super excited with all he’s learned and everything he’s able to do now, but on the other hand – he is growing super fast and sometimes I miss the little baby stage.
While we didn’t do much on Jace’s actual birthday (the 9th), we did have some gifts to give him. He wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, but by the end I think he had some sort of idea. He liked some gifts better than others, but I consider it mostly a sucess.

…A Pillowpet like his siblings have…

…A Phone Just For Jace…

…His First Drum Set…
Because Grandma Shirley’s birthday is a couple days after Jace’s, we decided to forego Jace’s party for a week and have Grandma over for her birthday on Sunday.
So on August 17th, we had our family party for Jace. We were happy that everyone was able to make it and my little brother, Donovan was still in town and it was fun to have him at the party as well.

…The was a ‘B’ there when I put it up…

We started off with Jace’s 1st year video and then we had him open his gift from his W. cousins. They had to head out to get family pictures taken.
…Thanks for the book and dino cars, cousins!…
We then decided we should do cake. We were trying to get to the cake so that my little sister’s family could have some cake before they left, but we didn’t get that to happen.

Jace had a fun time digging into his cake.

After a bath and when everyone was done with desserts, we finished with the gifts. Jace had a great time and was in a pretty good mood.

It’s been a whirlwhind of a year, but I am beyond thankful to be this kid’s mommy. I love that he is so easy going and that he loves to laugh. I love the fact that he adores his siblings, and his parents. I love to hear him say, “Mom, mom, mom” and “Dadadada” all day long. I love that when he calls for his brothers or sisters (he can ‘say’ each of their names), he bends his little body forward and almost yells for them.

I love that he’s a quick learner and that he was walking at 11 months. I love to hold his hand and walk along. I love that he insists on snuggling before falling asleep and that he has a pretty set schedule.

He loves to be outside and loves it when Tanis and Shaylyn take care of him. I love his blue eyes and blonder than blonde hair.

His obsession with batteries makes me laugh and leaves me in awe.

He is just the perfect little boy and I love him more than words can say. Happy #1 Jacer!

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