2, 2 and 2

Another school year was upon us. This year everyone started on the same day (Aug. 19) and there’s about an hour’s difference between when each set of kids needs to go.
Tanis and Shaylyn are in jr. high or middle school, whichever you prefer. Tanis is in his last year (9th grade) and Shaylyn is just starting (7th grade). They were both so ready for school to start. Tanis has always enjoyed school and I think Shaylyn is just excited to be back with friends and for all the different classes she has the opportunity to take.
They headed out the door first.
And because the bus stop is just a few yards up from us, I was able to see both Tanis and Shaylyn meet up with friends. Kind of a cool coincidence.
An hour later I sent the little boys off to elementary school. Nate is in 1st and Lex is in 5th. They were also excited to go back to school, though they don’t necessarily enjoy it as much as their older siblings.
That leaves Ailey and Jace at home with me. Ailey will be starting a Joy School type preschool after Labor Day, but that’s only a couple hours every other day.
I’ve really enjoyed just having 2 at home. I also like the fact that Tanis and Shaylyn get home about a half hour before Nate and Lex. It’s kind of a nice adjustment instead of everyone barging in the door at the same time.

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