A Story About A Chair

Recently I’ve been hooked on the show Melissa and Joey. If you don’t know the show, look it up – or you can even click on the link that is the title above. I started watching this on Netflix when I was pregnant with Jace and whenever Eric was going to be gone. I didn’t really get hooked on the show at that point, I was more curious about it because the stars were from shows that I loved as a pre-teen/teen. The girl from Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and the brother, Joey from Blossom. I wanted to see how they acted together and I was happy to see them on a sitcom again. I didn’t love the show and quickly lost interest.

Then a month or so ago I needed something to keep me awake while Jace stayed awake into the wee hours of the morning and Eric had to go to bed cause he had to get up for work in the morning. I wasn’t in the mood for anything I really had to use my brain for and I had been watching House, but it just wasn’t going to cut it for that night.

Anyway, so a few days ago I was watching Melissa and Joey and they inherit an ugly recliner from Joey’s grandma after she passes away. I found the timing somewhat interesting as I knew I had these pictures that I was getting ready to post and originally this post was going to be super short. But after watching this episode and because (like I’ve said a million times) this blog serves as my journal – I realized I need to put more into this post.

Growing up my dad never had a ‘favorite’ chair, so the whole stereotype of a man and his chair was kind of lost on me. Then I started dating Eric and his dad really did live up to the stereotype of the whole recliner thing.

Dad definitely had his chair and rarely did anyone else sit on it. His chair was well loved and when Eric’s parents built a new house, his chair went with him. Shortly after their move, however, they decided on new furniture for their house. I believe Dad’s chair was moved into their bedroom to make room for the new furniture.

Dad quickly found a new chair that he loved and again, it was rare that anyone else sat in his chair.

Now my memory isn’t quite what it should be and I can’t remember if Eric’s parents bought another set of furniture before or after Dad got so sick. But the point is, they bought new furniture again. Their current set wasn’t comfortable enough for Eric’s mom and she wanted something that was.

Eric’s parents gifted us their old set, which included Dad’s chair. It felt weird to have it in our house, but it was nice to have a complete matching set. After a few months and as Dad’s health was starting to fail, he must’ve told Eric’s mom quite a bit about how much he missed his old chair. It was enough that we all almost wanted to just pack the chair back up and take it back to Dad. We never had that chance.

The day he passed away and even for a few months after – and even now, I avoid(ed) the new chair at their house. It just didn’t feel right for me to sit there. I think I had issues sitting in his old chair in our house too and left it for Eric. Now, Eric and I both realize why that chair was missed so much – it is super comfortable. It’s also been well worn and has a couple tears. While that should bother me and I’m sure it bothers other people, it’s a piece/memory of Dad that I’ve come to cherish.

The kids have also learned how comfortable the chair is and they are constantly sitting in it. While Eric and I try to get them to sit elsewhere and have to constantly remind them not to rock and ‘roll’ while they’re sitting on it – they still have moments where they forget the rules.

While Grandpa would’ve never allowed that kind of behavior when he was alive, I’m sure he’s getting a good chuckle out of the kids and is happy we’re all enjoying his chair as much as he did. It’s weird to have so much of someone wrapped up in a piece of furniture, but I’m glad we do.

Grandpa would be especially pleased with the way Jace has grown to love his chair.
(Just a note: Lex has become quite interested in taking pictures lately and he took all but the 1st photo, and that was taken with my phone and a fast little mover – so it isn’t great)

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