Well, helloooooo….

It’s been awhile, eh?

Perhaps some of you noticed that shilobugandfamily is no longer hanging around. Nope, it’s gone. I felt it was time for a change. The blog name just never totally satisfied me and I wanted something a little more descriptive.

So about a month ago I changed it up an over to this new name. The-H-Fam. It makes me happier and describes what this blog is more about.

I had a new look all ready to go as well, but needed the programmer’s (aka Eric) opinions and help on what looked best. He gave me help a few nights, but is so busy with work and a side job that he didn’t really have time to help me. Also anytime he had to help me, he had to switch his thinking from his current project over to mine.

I wanted to stick with an X-Men type theme and so Eric was having me use those colors. After staring at it for a few weeks, I decided I just wasn’t loving the look and so, once again I changed things up. The current colors may not be the best together, but it brings our favorite colors together and I’m happy with that.
So why choose an X-Men theme? It starts back in the 90’s. There was an X-Men cartoon on in those days. 
My little brothers watched it almost religiously and because I was such a lazy butt, I watched it right along with them. It’s when I was first introduced to the X-Men and Rogue quickly became my favorite character.

Flash forward to many years later – even quite a few years after Eric and I had been married, we start discussing X-Men. I think he was kind of surprised to learn I had watched the show. It was just one more thing we had a common interest in.

While Eric’s top favorite X-Men would have to be Wolverine and Nightcrawler – Gambit is towards the top of the list, which worked wonderfully well with Rogue being mine. If you’ll remember a few years ago for Halloween we dressed as Rogue and Gambit.

So we’ll stick with this X-Men theme for a bit and see how things go. Yes, it’s bringing out the ‘nerd’ in me, but I put my own girlish spin on it.

Besides, we all know our kids are mutants in some form of the word, right?
In my hiatus I got caught up, which meant going back all the way to May. Fun times. Feel free to read if you so feel like it. And make sure that if you have our blog bookmarked anywhere, you change the link to

I have a few more things to tweak (like the links and pages for the family), but that should happen within the next week or two.

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