That’s The Way He Rolls

The youth in our Stake were able to go on Trek this year. Originally I didn’t think I’d have to worry about it as the cut off date was in May. Only those 14 and up were able to go. Tanis doesn’t have a birthday until July, so I didn’t give it much thought.

Then my friend – who also happens to be the Bishop’s wife and the one kind of in-charge of Trek – tracked me down and asked if Tanis was going to go. When I asked her about the cut-off she said they had moved it to August. That meant Tanis was able to go and they did it because in 4 years these 14 year old boys will be prepping for missions. HOLY COW – 4 years.

I knew Tanis wouldn’t exactly be thrilled to go and I had no way of knowing exactly the experience he’d actually be having, but I knew that anyone that had ever done it before had said it was totally worth it. I appealed to his good nature and told him that his grandma had gone and so had his aunt when she was about his age. I made him laugh by saying, “If Kaeloni did it, you can do it.”

As the day approached I was getting more nervous and Tanis was getting more excited. We had fun going shopping, just him and I, for the items he’d need the Saturday before he left. I couldn’t believe how big my baby boy was getting.

Bright and early on the morning of 23rd, I took my pioneer over to the church to get all set out to go.

I was super anxious the 3 days he was gone. My kid’s not really an outdoorsy kid and while he is a hard worker when he needs to be – he’s not used to a lot of hard work. I worried that he’d be with no one that he knew and he’d come home and tell me he was miserable the entire time.
I missed my biggest helper and there was more than a few times I wanted to call and ask for his help, only to realize he was gone. His absence was definitely noticed – so I was super excited to go pick him up. I’ll admit there were tears when I saw my little boy.
He had gotten some sun and his white shirt was brown. He was super excited to see his little brother and was all smiles when we got there.
We could tell he was tired, but he was in great spirits. He said that it was a good experience and he’d do it again. He was put in a ‘family’ with another kid from our ward and he knew a couple people from school. I was so glad to hear that. He talked about how excited he was when he got his notes from us and that he told everyone I had used a Harry Potter font just for him. He later told me that he was the only kid he knew of that got 2 letters. I suppose most parents either wrote a letter together or put it in the same envelope.
I am glad Tanis got to have this experience and that it was a positive one in his life. I’m thankful for his willing attitude and that he rarely complains about difficult things. Most of all, I’m happy that he is so positive more often than not.

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