On To Bigger And Better Things

I knew the day was coming fast, but it came faster than I wanted it to.

Shaylyn had 6th grade promotion. She is officially out of Elementary School. While she and I are both super excited about all the fun opportunities Jr. High has for her – I’m still sad that this girl is growing up so quickly.

I left Tanis home with all the kids but Jace and got to the Elementary School. I wasn’t as early as I hoped, but still ended up in an aisle seat so I wasn’t too upset. Eric had taken his car to the shop and had to rely on his buddy getting him to the shop only to discover his car wasn’t quite ready.

So, Eric was slightly late – but he made it in time for the important things.

The night started off with a surprise for all 3 of us. Shaylyn got the Presidental Fitness award! She was one of very few girls who did. There are 2 different types of the Presidental Fitness awards that they award – one is just measured on the athletic ability the other is both athletic and academic. Because our child had trouble turning in homework, she was awarded the one based only on athletic ability. We were still so proud of her.

After awhile it was time for the actual ‘diploma’. 
After the program was over it was time for refreshments and visiting. I took this time to get a picture of Shaylyn with her teacher.
Yes, she did have the same teacher Tanis did. I was happy with that. This guy really sees the potential in all kids and told us quite often how much he loved having Shaylyn in his class. She was great to help others with Math and he enjoyed having intellectual type conversations with her.
…Friends since Kindergarten…
Then I made sure to take the same pictures I took of Tanis…
Shaylyn is growing up to be a very wonderful young woman. I am proud to be her mother and I’m thankful that she is a part of my family.

Here’s to Jr. High! EEK!

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