The Mini Cap & Gown

As silly as I think it is for the Kindergarten to have a ‘Graduation’, it sure is cute.

Nathaniel was so stinkin’ excited for the program and kept reminding me that he had a program at the school coming up. We lucked out and it was held on a Wednesday which meant that Eric could join us since he works from home on Wednesdays. I was thankful he was there so he could hold Jace and keep Ailey settled while I tried to record the songs they sang.

However, because I hadn’t transferred Shaylyn’s play off of the memory card from the day before – I could only get bits of pieces of each song.

After they had performed all the songs, they called each kid down one by one and gave them their certificate and then paused for a second so parents could get a picture of their kid with the principal and the teacher.

The kids were then given the freedom to go home for the rest of the day. But before we left, we got some pictures of our newest graduate.

Then little sister wanted a picture too. I was so happy when I saw them grab hands and saw their great big smiles.

Congrats, Nate!

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