A Whole Lotta Sass

For Ailey’s birthday, Grandma H. gave her the cutest little outfit. She had called me when she was shopping and tried to explain it to me asking for my opinion. All she had to say was purple and polka dots and I was sold. I had no idea how cute the outfit really was until Ailey received it for her gift.

I figured Nate’s ‘Graduation’ was a perfect time to wear it for the 1st time. I asked her to pose at the school after Nate’s Graduation – but the lighting wasn’t terribly terrific.

So then I decided that I’d take some photos when we got home. Well, by that time Ailey was all sass. She made me laugh.
Oh how I love my Sassy little girl. That little guy next to her has pretty much won my heart as well. Thanks again for the absolutely adorable outfit, Grandma!

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