It was Memorial Day and though we had tried to make plans, it wasn’t happening. Eric wasn’t sure if his Mom might want him around and how long she might need his company. I wasn’t sure if I should let Eric and his Mom do their own thing and I stay with my family or what. We really had no idea what was happening. So we got ready to go and went from there.

Eric gave his mom a call when we were leaving the house and asked what she’d like him to do. I don’t know how the conversation went, but Eric got off the phone and said his mom was acting odd. So we decided it’d be best if Eric went to his Mom’s and they could go to the cemetary alone and the kids and I went to my parents.

My parents were heading back from visiting my grandmother’s grave, so the kids and I waited in the house for them. When they arrived, Jace and his 3 month younger cousin Emery had a great time being together.

The “Twinners” also had some fun together being sassy…
We decided we’d better start our walk to the cemetary and we were off. The kids all did great and Tanis was a super helper. With Eric not with us and us having 2 stroller (One for Jace, one for Ailey), Tanis pushed whichever stroller was less weight at any given moment. Uncle Cody was also a trooper and when Nate got tired, he gave him a piggy back ride. Thanks again, Cody.
It was a super nice day and super hot, so the kids were all pretty worn out when we got to the cemetary and they all took shade where they could find it.
We spent some time visiting my grandpa and cousins gravesites.
My little sister then asked where Eric’s dad was buried and it occurred to me that she had stayed back at the church babysitting Jace, when we had the funeral. So she walked with me the short distance between where my cousin and grandpa are to where Eric’s dad is buried. I really like that they are all buried so close together.
So my sister and I are at the grave and she asks if I want a picture. I told her I was just going to get one with the kids, but after a quick second I decided that yes, I would like a picture.
About this time I text Eric to see what he’s up to and where he’s at. He had gotten a bit distracted and found himself at a game store fairly close by and said he’d meet us at the cemetary shortly. So while my family was getting ready to head back to my mom’s, I had my kids hang around with me and I took the pictures I had planned on taking all along – although in the beginning I space getting the headstone in the photo.
Eric got to the cemetary just as my family was starting to leave. We took a few minutes as a family to sort of gather our emotions. I was holding myself together pretty well, until Ailey said, “My Grandpa’s dead.” in a angry/sad kind of tone. That’s when I lost it. This poor little girl really misses one of her best friends and that’s when my heart aches the most.
When we got ourselves pulled back together we headed back to my parents house. It was time for food. We had lots of yummy choices to choose from and ate till we were stuffed. My sisters and I helped clean up and then while we were visiting we decided to take the little littles outside for some fresh air and they loved it.
Then we decided to head over to the school to play Ultimate Frisbee and the little kids could play on the playground. I decided it was the perfect time to go as Jace was super tired and he might just fall asleep in a quiet house. (Eric, my dad and Tanis stayed behind to play a game)
So we were off to the school and the kids wasted no time getting to the playground.
I played the game for awhile, but because I didn’t obey the rule about using the bathroom before you leave the house, I had to stop. My mom and I went back to her house for a brief moment so I could use the restroom and she got water for everyone that was playing.
We got back to the school and decided we’d hit a ball around. This was good practice for Lex. We all took a turn hitting and then decided it was time to head back to my parents for dessert. Besides the little kids were tired.
After finishing dessert and getting things cleaned and packed up we left my parents house and went to visit with Eric’s mom for just a little bit. I was glad we were able to see her for evne just a few minutes that day. We got home late, but it was a really good day.

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