Play Ball!!!!

Our ball season started on May 17th. Though we signed up months before. It is Nate’s first year playing and is of course doing T-Ball.

Lex is now at an age where he has try-outs and actually has a team name and uniform like that of the pro’s. So super exciting. It also means he plays at real ball fields instead of just the park where the little kids play.

Having both boys in ball is a little crazy and looking at the schedule they have a couple games at the same time on the same day. Thankfully, the 1st day wasn’t like that. Nate’s game was at 9:00 a.m. and Lex’s started at 11:00.

Due to certain circumstances Lex still didn’t have a pair of cleats, so instead of Eric being able to make it to Nate’s game – he took Lex and bought a pair of cleats. Because we live in the middle of nowhere, it was the only option we had.

While Nate and I were driving to his game, he asked if he could take some pictures. I let him take a couple and one of them include this gem…

We got to his game and had a nice time. I love the fact that his coach is the same coach Lex had one of his first years. 

(Coach is the guy in blue)
After Nate’s game I took him home and met Eric and Lex at Lex’s game. The only downside to where Lex plays is the lack of grass. 
We were excited to learn what team Lex got put on. He was put on the Mariners and we were excited by that because we have family that lives in Washington and they root for the Mariners. Also, when Lex was young our nephew had a party held at the ball park where the Mariners play. Eric’s dad was a true Cubs fan, but also rooted for the Mariners and since we don’t have Cubs in our league – we were so delighted to get another one of Dad’s teams.
I dislike the fact that where Lex usually plays has an absence of grass – but it is what it is and I didn’t get very good shots from where we were sitting. But hey, these guys won 11-3!  Awesome first game!

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