Ailey’s Littlest 3rd Year Is Over!

WARNING: Picture Heavy Post

Our baby girl turned 4 on the 13th. I don’t know how in the world that happened. But happen it did and she was super excited for her birthday. It happens when it’s all your older siblings can talk about.

When Daddy got home from work we went about opening gifts…

On Sunday, the 18th we had her party. We decided to have it at Eric’s moms house as most of the family is out that way. It ended up being a good thing as I was crazy busy the day before and didn’t have time to really clean the house for a party.
Ailey wanted a Littlest Pet Shop theme for her party, so I did my best. I thought for sure it’d be a theme stores were sure to carry. They don’t. I even looked online and there is hardly a thing. So we improvised. I was going to order a cake and somehow the week got away from me, so the decision to do a cake myself was made for me. I opted for cupcakes though as this little girl has an obsession with them and they are easier to decorate.
We had a yummy dinner with Eric’s mom and brother and then they all helped get ready for the party. We started with Ailey’s 3 year video and had some fun just visiting.

(My Niece was being ornery, so we were trying to get a smile out of her – it didn’t work)

(Cousin Ry wanted to explore this new place)

(I think his Dad has trained him to give me strange looks)
After the video it was present time. Ailey was so cute and kept us laughing.

(From Uncle Cody, Aunt Kaeloni and the cousins)

(She was super excited about the ‘notes’ Ry and Makayla gave her)

(Note the striped outfit thrown to the side…She was more excited about the Play-Doh)

(From Grandma Shirley)

(She was only slightly excited about her new Pet Shops)

(From Grandma & Grandpa M.)

(The other side of the jammies have a cute picture of Minnie Mouse on them)
It was then cupcake and ice cream time. I know it’s at least my niece and nephew’s favorite part of any party. 
Because I slacked and didn’t get a cake ordered I tried to be creative with the cupcakes. I opted for making little cupcake stick things to bring in the characters and then I tried to make each cupcake have the feel of the character it was for.

(Tanis made sure to play Happy Birthday for his baby sister)

(Yup, I missed her blowing out the candle…)

Happy Birthday, baby girl. We love you.

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