Mom’s Day 2014

It started on Friday. Little Nathaniel came home from school so excited and he just had to give me the little thing he made for me at school. I told him to wait until Sunday, but he didn’t want to. So he grabbed his backpack and handed me this cute little card.

(…He closed it before the glue totally dried, so I opened it as carefully as I could….)
The next day was a fairly regular Saturday. I was in the boys room doing a major cleaning and heard that someone came to the door. With everyone else home I let them deal with it. Eric peeks his head into the room a few minutes later and says that there was something at the door for me and I should really come see it now.
I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, exactly – but it sure as heck wasn’t this…
I was in fruit heaven!!! I’ve explained before that even though I like flower bouquets, they seem like a bit of a waste of money because they die so easily. So this fruit bouquet was an AMAZING gift and oh so yummy and mostly healthy!
The card enclosed read:
“It’s a day early. The Heavens know somethings can’t wait. The Spirits know our hearts. They will remind us of who we are and come to light our way. Until such time, remember I love you ‘Just The Way You Are’.”
Of course it was from Eric and he was speaking in riddles. Which I didn’t understand at all and I just left it for what it was. So on Sunday morning before church when Eric made me sit down and handed me gifts I was a little confused.
The first gift was from Lex and I had already sort of seen it since I picked him up from Scouts and that’s where he made it. The picture was a surprise though. Using tiles the boys made coasters for their moms. Here’s my cute coaster from my 9 year old boy.
Then came a gift from Eric and I was completely surprised. There was a card on top that read…
“Sadly no matter how much we wish otherwise, we are still delayed by distance. So in place of a gift please accept this placeholder while the real thing completes its journey across the country, while this journey might take up to 8 weeks I suspect the spirits will send help to Light your way, a little sooner. Happy Mother’s Day. We love you and are grateful for all you do for us.
– Your Family”
More riddles….so I opened up the gift (a cell phone box) and found the following piece of paper…
I about cried. Eric found the perfect gift to fit both of us. And while the fairy wings aren’t purple, they are a color of blue that I love. Eric explained that it would take a couple months for the actual figure to arrive, but I didn’t mind the wait. It was another wonderful gift that I truly wasn’t expecting.
We went to church and for the Mother’s Day treat this year we got some yummy homemade cookies that a friend in the ward made. I can’t even imagine the time she put in to make cookies for all the ladies in the ward and there was so much left overs that the Young Women got a cookie as well. Attached the the cookie was a quote I so badly need to keep with me daily.
“Do the best you can through these years, but whatever else you do, cherish that role that is so uniquely yours and for which heaven itself sends angels to watch over you and your little ones. Mothers, we acknowledge and esteem your faith in every footstep. Please know that it is worth it then, now and forever.”
– Elder Jeffery R. Holland
I was blessed after church to recieve a bag of Mother’s cookies from my Visiting Teaching companion and my Visiting Teacher stopped by with a little thing of ice cream/sherbet type thing. 
We were on the way to visit with our Moms when Eric brought up his cards again. He kept telling me that there was something I was missing in his riddles. I really couldn’t place it and thought on it most of the night. 
Thankfully within the next couple days – the riddle was completed. This wonderful gift arrived on the doorstep.
His talk of Spirits and Heavens was made clear with the Indian Fairy figurine and the talk of Light was the fairy lamp. He totally spoiled me this year and I loved each and every gift he gave me. Most of all I loved that he worked his gifts into each of his cards. I’m a sucker for creativity.
And here’s a look at the real Indian Fairy figurine. 
(…Yes I left in a place the little kids could get to it for one day and in that one day they broke one of the wings – thankfully super glue exists and it should be an easy fix…)

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