Ticklin’ The Ivories

A few months ago, I received a message from Shaylyn’s piano teacher explaining that he was working on his Master’s degree and had to start letting go of his piano students. I don’t know how long he kept Shaylyn, but he told me she was one of the last ones he had to let go. He just didn’t have the time for it.

We understood and were only worried for a short time. It occurred to me that our good friend, Yvonne was also teaching piano and so I asked if she’d be able to work Shaylyn in. Thankfully she was and Shaylyn only missed a week or two of formal practice.

After a few months it was recital time. Apparently the kids got to choose their songs. Shaylyn chose Clementine and the Can-Can. While I heard her practicing – fairly consistently, I had no idea that she had the Can-Can memorized. Total shocker the night of the recital.

And I was off my game and totally forgot to get any pictures – so all we’ve got is a video.


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