Silly #6

Nate’s 6th birthday was coming upon us. He talked for weeks and weeks about having a birthday party. I never did one for the older kids this young as we always had big family parties. But, Nathaniel had his little heart set on a friend party and I decided we’d do it.

I also decided on a friend party as his birthday was right before Easter. I wasn’t going to celebrate his birthday on Easter and I just didn’t get things in gear to do it earlier. My mother in law also ended up leaving town for the month and so I figured, eh – we’ll do a kid party and I’ll invite the cousins. Then I talk to my little sister (her kids make up most of the cousins) and she said she’d be out of town for a wedding the day of the party, so a neighborhood party with a few little kids was how it was going to be.

I asked Nate to think of a theme and he couldn’t settle on one. He kept saying parties we’ve done in past years or things he really had no interest in, but his siblings were trying to talk him into. Somehow he decided on Mickey Mouse Visiting The Zoo. It was an easy enough theme and so we went to work.

For the invitations I had Shaylyn draw/trace (she did a little of both) Mickey Mouse and Nate’s two favorite animals, a lion and an elephant. I then colored them in, printed off information and then glued everything together. It’s hard to picture, I know. I meant to take a photo of the completed invites, but the kids delivered them before I remembered to do so.

Nate couldn’t wait for his party and kept counting down the days. Finally Friday, the 18th rolled around.
I had something for the kids to do while we waited for guests to arrive. This was also a fun way, I thought, for Nate to remember who came to his party. I made a lion and elephant ‘mask’ for them to wear and take a picture in. We had Jace try it out for us.

Yup, decidedly cute – especially on a baby. So we tried it out with each of Nate’s friends and it was so much fun to see how they turned out.

…Nate and his ‘girlfriend’ Makayla…

…Nate and Nick…
…Nate and Lew…

…Nate and Caleb…
…Nate and Landon…
In between taking pictures and waiting for guests, the kids took it upon themselves to keep entertained with balloon wars. I was so happy they found something to entertain themselves with, while we were waiting.
The first activity of the day/afternoon/evening/whatever – was a pin the trunk on the elephant. I had planned on this game, but totally forgot to put it together. A half hour before the party I realized I had forgotten to put together the game and quickly rushed to my Paintshop program and put together and elephant. So yeah, the lines need to be much straighter, but it came together okay and I was pleased with the result. The kids enjoyed the game as well.
Next the kids had to find the ‘escaped’ animals. We hid little print off animals around the house that the kids had to try and find. Then it was time for BINGO. I created a bingo card using my digi scrap stash and it made the game super simple. I just printed off a sheet of all the animals and that’s how we called the animals – the kids had a picture to look at so they could match it on the card. For the actual cards, I just moved animals around on the card and took some off and added some new ones.

Nate then decided it was gift time. 

…This gift was from Nick, who had to leave early…
Then it was my favorite part of birthday parties: CAKE & ICE CREAM!!!
Saturday was Nate’s actual birthday. He waited somewhat patiently all morning for his gift, but I wanted the house clean first as we were heading out to my Mom’s in the early afternoon. When present time came he couldn’t be happier. He was just annoyed that I wanted pictures.
Then we went to Grandma’s for lunch and an egg hunt (a different post). We had a fun day and the fun didn’t end there. Later that night Nate lost another tooth! This time he was much more relaxed and excited about it.
Overall, Nate had a great weekend. I still can’t believe he’s 6. I remember his birth story a little too well. He kept us waiting and we had a few disappointments in his birth, but I’m so glad he’s here. He’s my little buddy. While Tanis and Lex have outgrown really needing their mommy on a daily basis – Nate is still a Mommy’s boy. He still likes to snuggle up with me and wants to be near me. While he has his difficult moments, he is also a very sweet little boy. Can’t believe he’s finishing up Kindergarten next month! Time certainly does fly.

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