Women’s Conference 2014

As usual this time of year, I had plans to meet up with my mom and sister’s for Women’s Conference. I was super excited that Shaylyn could come with me because she had turned 12, only to learn that 8 year olds were also going to be attending. I don’t know where I’ve been, but I missed that. I wondered how the 8 year olds would handle it.

My nephew had slept over the night before and I had planned to take him to my mom’s with me as his mom and dad were both down that way. I left a couple hours later than I wanted to and felt a little bit stressed. It wasn’t a major stress, but stress nonetheless.

We get to my Mom’s about an hour before our scheduled ‘meeting time’ and after visiting for a few minutes, Shaylyn and I head out to do some shopping real quick. I had wanted to maybe look for a new dress or something, but sadly nothing came of our efforts. I had planned ahead and brought a dress anyway, but Shaylyn and I both still needed nylons so it wasn’t a completely wasted trip.

We get back to my mom’s and hurry and change. We then head to dinner at Subway. Not sure why that was the chosen spot, but it was food and it was healthy-ish – which would make our trip out for ice cream afterwords make us feel less guilty.

We went to conference and while none of the talks really stuck with me, the music totally did. I was crying during the first number those sweet primary girls joined with their moms singing and anytime they sang anything, I was in tears. Shaylyn was bored out of her mind and almost fell asleep, I don’t know how the 8 year olds fared if my 12 year old couldn’t keep herself from being bored.

After the meeting we ran to my little sister’s in-laws house to get her little girl. Then we were back at my mom’s so we could drive a vehicle big enough to fit us all legally. That meant I was driving. We went to our usual place, Leatherby’s and the line was out the door and down the street. We decided we weren’t waiting in that line and headed over to Iceburg.

The line still wasn’t great, but we definitely beat the rush. People that got there behind us were waiting an hour or so just to place their order. While we were waiting for our ice cream I took some pictures of Shaylyn and my niece. I ended up missing Ailey though. Next conference I’ve got to figure out a way to get her there so she can come to ice cream with us and not the meeting. I’ll work on it.

…Duck face, for the win. I guess both girls need just a little work…
It was a nice night out, but I left a sick baby with Eric. Jacen wasn’t very happy most of the day and while Eric tries, we all know men just don’t handle stress from babies as well as women. So after I dropped my Mom off and grabbed my stuff we headed on home. I still didn’t get home till 11 or so, but Eric was still relieved to have me home and I think my sick little baby was too.

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