We Fought The Laws of Nature and The Laws Won

Within the sickness that plagued our family for a full 2 weeks, Ailey ended up with Pink Eye. I knew it was coming and saw it. I called the Pediatrician’s office almost immediately and surprisingly I didn’t have to take Ailey in. They just called the rx in to the Pharmacy.

Being that Ailey and Jace are still fairly young and in close contact most of the time, I figured he’d get it too. I didn’t realize just how bad he’d get it though, even after having medicine in his eyes as well.

Poor kid looked like he’d been in some major fight or something. He was still so happy and smiley though. I just love this kid and his attitude.

A few days later he just wasn’t happy. I know that he likes looking at himself, so I tried to see if taking pictures would help. It didn’t really. But you can’t always expect happiness when you feel like crap.

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