The Happiest Place On Earth?!?!? Day Two

We woke up and got ready and headed out. We were anxious to get on the road as today was going to be the longer part of our travels. We were on the road by about 9. The travel was fairly uneventful, until we hit Baker, California.

It was time to stop for lunch and gas. Eric got out of the car and said he wasn’t feeling very well, but thought it was maybe due to a lack of sleeping and needing to eat. So we go and order our food. The kids are more antsy than I’ve seen them in a long time and Eric couldn’t eat a bite. We decide to head back to the road and Eric says he really doesn’t think he can drive. He tells me I can just drive to the next big city and maybe after a nap he’ll feel better. I get Ailey all settled in her car seat and head to the driver’s seat and notice Eric isn’t in the car yet. He’s actually in front of the car puking. After he finishes we get situated and we are on our way.

Eric is fast asleep when we pass the city he was talking about and the drive wasn’t too bad, so I kept driving. Next thing I know though is I’m on scary California Highways and it’s about to split and I have no idea where I’m supposed to go. There are no signs anyway talking of Anaheim and I’m officially clueless. I pull off at the next exit and find a place to pull over so we can figure out what we’re doing. Eric pukes again and tries to figure out where we’re out and where I need to go. (Thanks goodness for modern day technology)

Eric obviously still can’t drive, but he stays awake to help me navigate where to go. We hit traffic hour and an accident on these fun California Highways (I don’t even drive Utah Highways if I can avoid it) and my nerves are shot! This was the first time I realized how thankful I was Jace was with Grandma. Had he been screaming while I was navigating California Highways – it would’ve pushed me over the edge.

So we find the hotel and see that my little sister and her family have just gotten there as well and are in the process of checking in. Apparently when the rest of the family got there, they didn’t quite have all the rooms ready and one of the rooms ended up having a maintenance issue. So we were waiting until the rooms were ready. Because the room had a maintenance issue they gave Kami (she made the reservations) another room, but it wasn’t separated into different rooms like the other rooms. Because my little family was the only family not sharing with someone else in the family, they gave us that room. No biggie. The hotel had said that we could move the next day if we wanted to, but with Eric being sick and having 5 kids and luggage, it just wasn’t worth it. In the end the hotel told me they’d take $100 off the room each night. I hope they did – I don’t know as Kami paid for the hotel rooms too.

I leave Eric and the kids in the car while I go locate our room so I know exactly where to go. I run into my little sister, Kaeloni and she’s freaking out because her daughter got stuck on the elevator somehow. Kaeloni was on the main floor of the hotel and I was heading up to the 1st floor. So just to try on the 1st floor I pushed the elevator button to go down. I then go find our room and as I’m heading back down to the car, a housekeeper (who was standing by the elevator) asked me if this was my daughter. I realize then that the elevator has opened and my niece is standing there on the verge of tears. I say “No, but she’s my niece.” And I scoop that little girl up in my arms. I take her to her mom and my sister is understandably emotional.

After we get that issue out of the way, I ask my sister if she can give me the luggage rack when they are done. She agrees and I get a hold of it after they’re done. I take it down to the car and start unloading. I don’t remember when by I asked my brother in law, Cody and my brother, Donovan to help me get the room. I couldn’t have done it myself. I think I took Eric and the kids up to the room before I unloaded the car, but at this point I don’t honestly remember.

We get everything mostly settled and Eric decides we need to take him to an Instacare. He thinks he ended up with the Strep that I had a few weeks earlier and that Lex and Jace ended up with a few days before our trip. Meanwhile my family is deciding where to go for dinner. I tell them that we need to take Eric to an Instacare and they offer to take the kids with them.

Eric and I figure out where we can take him that should work with our Insurance company and before we head out, my dad ,Corby and Cody give Eric a blessing. My Dad had kind of mentioned to my mom how he felt like the fact that he had brought the consecrated oil with him was a bit of inspiration. We then take off and get Eric to the Urgent Care. Eric can’t walk straight and honestly looks drunk. He explains the situation to the girl at the front desk and then starts puking. I finish dealing with the girl and she almost immediately has us come back.

The Dr. comes in to see Eric after only a short time. He determines that it’s a virus thing and gives Eric a rx for the nausea. Eric’s world is still spinning and we pray the rx helps. Thankfully in the same parking lot as the urgent care place is a Rite-Aid. Eric doesn’t feel like walking through a drug store while we wait for the rx, so I go in myself. I get his rx and some chicken noodle soup for him as he hasn’t eaten since breakfast.

We get back to the hotel and the kids still aren’t back, so we have some quiet for awhile. I warm up his soup, but he can only take one bite and it just isn’t sitting well with him. He’s miserable and just lays in bed.

The kids get back and we decide to get some sleep so that we can get a nice start for Disneyland in the morning.

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