The Happiest Place On Earth?!?!?! Day Three

I wake up praying and hoping Eric feels better. He wakes up and says he didn’t really sleep all night and he almost feels worse. I am of course, bummed. 1st day at Disneyland and he won’t be with us. He was so sad that he wouldn’t get to see the kids faces.

I get the kids and I ready. After everyone’s had breakfast we walk the 4 blocks to Disneyland. We get in the gates and then we needed to wait for Kami, my Dad, my brother, Corby, his wife, Adri and their son Carson. They had to drive and then take the shuttle. The kids didn’t mind waiting too much and gave us some great photo opportunities.

When our group was together, we headed to Pirates of the Carribean first. We were in line for probably 20 minutes when they said it had broke down and they were working to fix it, but they weren’t sure how long it would take to fix. We decided to stick it out, only to be told 10 minutes later they were closing it down.
So we then headed to the Haunted Mansion. Lex surprised me and was extremely afraid of this ride. He vowed to never go on it again. I can’t remember all the next details, but we eventually found ourselves at the Winnie The Pooh ride. Somehow our group got a little divided and Kaeloni, Cody and I took our kids and nephew, Carson the first go around and my parents, Kami, Donovan, Corby & Adri were next. We got off in enough time for me to snag a picture of the second group and the kids trying to steal Pooh’s hunny. (Yes, I purposely spelled that wrong)
Because we were in Pooh’s neck of the woods, we decided to visit him and his friends.
Then it was our Splash Mountain Fastpass time. Ailey really wanted to go and I was afraid she was too little, but thanks to Eric’s genes, she was just tall enough. I wish I had bought the pictures from Splash Mountain because Tanis had the best expression, but I was holding out hope that Eric would join us the next day and we’d be able to get a family one.
It was then time for lunch. While discussing our plans, Kaeloni pulled out a thing of bubbles for her daughter. The little girls had so much fun popping the bubbles.
Most of my family decided they were going to head out of the park and go to McDonald’s. I really didn’t want to go. I don’t really like McDonald’s to begin with and we had gone there on Sunday for lunch. I also didn’t really want to take 5 kids out of the park, just to come back. I hoped someone else would be staying as well.

Thankfully, my brother Donovan didn’t want to go to McDonald’s either. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind helping me keep track of my kiddos and he agreed. We headed to Toon Town as that’s where I saw they had sandwiches. I was so out of it that I actually ended up getting hot dogs for the kids instead. I felt so bad. Thankfully they were all hungry anyway and ate it. While Donovan and I finished our meals the kids went and played under the gazebo in Toon Town.

We were supposed to meet the rest of the family at a certain time and because my phone was being dumb, I wasn’t sure what time it was. Donovan told me it was pretty much time to meet up. So we headed to the middle of the park to wait. And wait we did…
I tried to get Nate to pose like Pinocchio or give him a hug – instead he decided Pinocchio needed some readjusting or something.
When the rest of the family finally met back up with us we went on a few more rides. We got to Dumbo and Tanis refused to go on it, so I told him he could take a picture if he wanted to. This was the best he was able to get.
Then we headed over to the tea cups. I’ve rode enough rides in my life similar to the tea cups to know that my stomach doesn’t handle those types of rides well. Apparently it can be a genetic thing as my Mom, Donovan, Kaeloni and Tanis opted out as well. Thankfully Kami and Cody have better stomach’s than the rest of us and took the kids. I found it funny though when I took the pictures that Cody ended up with the little girls and Kami got the boys. 
We went on more rides throughout the night. One such ride being the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Ailey loved this ride and wanted to go on it again and again. We didn’t, but I was glad she enjoyed it so much.
…Lex and his cousin, Ty…
…Donovan and Nate…
…Me and Ailey…
We finished the night at the Matterhorn. Ailey thought she wanted to go on that ride too so I took up her up there. We get to the front just to find out Ailey wasn’t tall enough. I was overly stressed and frustrated that that’s when the tears started. Ailey was upset she couldn’t go on the ride, Nate was surprised that I wasn’t there anymore (I left him with family members going on the ride) and we were all just tired. I was ready to just head back to the hotel, but with some prompting from my mom and a few other family members, they made sure I had a chance to go on the ride again and they took care of the kids.
We got off the ride and they were no where to be seen. Thankfully my brother or brother in law got a text saying they were all headed back to the car and we’d just meet them at the hotel. I got back to the hotel and just broke down to Eric. I felt bad the kids hadn’t eaten dinner and it was now 10 or 11 at night and I felt bad I couldn’t just handle everything.

After consoling me and after the kids get back we find a pizza place and place an order. It comes fairly quickly, but not quite quickly enough as 3 of the 5 kids were already asleep.

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