The Happiest Place On Earth?!?!?! Day Four

I woke up, once again hoping Eric could join us – but he still didn’t feel up to it. He said he felt a little better and maybe with rest he’d feel better later in the day to join us.
We headed to California Adventure this day. We all got in line for the Toy Story ride while Cody and Donovan ran around the park getting all the Fastpasses they could. This made the day run so much smoother than the first day did. There was very little time we sat around wondering what we were going to do. We just went with the time.
…She’s such a little diva…
After the Toy Story ride it was our Fastpass time for Tower of Terror. Tanis and Lex didn’t want to go on it and Ailey was too little, so they stayed with the rest of the family who either didn’t want to go on the ride or who volunteered to watch the little kids. Ailey was a little upset that I was leaving her, but thankfully she calmed down easily with Tanis’ help. 

I wasn’t totally sure what to expect with this ride, but I was up for anything. Well it surprised the heck out of me. It wasn’t so much the ride in and of itself, it was more the height. I am afraid of heights and so this was interesting for me. 
I totally went on it a 2nd time. It also ended up being Shaylyn’s favorite ride.
When I got off the 2nd time a few of my kids were missing. Turns out Kami had taken the little kids to ride some of the rides in A Bugs Life Land. So that’s where the rest of us headed next. We did have Fastpasses for the big Roller Coaster, but since Shaylyn was my only kid who wanted to try that – I decided it was best to stay with the majority of my kids. We rode most of the rides in a Bug’s Life Land and I even decided to take a video of our ride in Flik’s Flyers.


We decided it was lunch time after our time in A Bugs Life Land. And so we all headed over to the main food place in California Adventure. It was so crowded, but we were able to find some seats for everyone outside.

After lunch we decided to go on the Monster’s Inc. ride. In line Ailey totally had a little boy flirting with her and she was kind of flirting right back, although she said to me, “I hate that boy.” HAHAHA! That line will make her Dad happy.

Next up was Soarin’ Over California. At first Tanis wasn’t going to go on the ride, but I told him he should at least try it and so he did. My mom and Kaeloni took the little girls and Nate over to the Ariel ride while the rest of us got in line for Soarin’. While Tanis got a little nervous during the ride, he was super glad he went on it.

We then made our way over to the Grizzly River Run. I missed the first group because once again Ailey was too short. The guy at the start of the line let her through, but the guy at the end was pretty much like, “No way.” So frustrating. I wasn’t going to go on it at all, and Ailey didn’t want me to leave her, but somehow I got her calmed down and convinced Lex and my nephew, Tyler to go on it with me again.

While standing in the line, the guy ahead of me asked me if I watched that show about the guy from Utah who had multiple wives. I knew he was talking about Sister Wives and told him yes. He then told me that the guy and one of his wives was on the ride. He was right. There was Kody and Janelle. (One of my favorites) I wished I had my camera or phone on me, but because it was the river ride, I didn’t take them with me. But hey, it’s my California Celebrity story and I’m sticking with it. Had I gone the first go around I wouldn’t have seen them, so I was okay only going with my nephew and son. (So, I’m a little starry eyed sometimes.)

We had a bit of time to kill before our Fastpasses for Radiator Springs Racers, so we rode a few things here and there. We got over to Radiator Springs and got on the ride. Thankfully all my kids were tall enough for the ride. This actually ended up being my favorite ride of all.

We then had to rush over to the World of Color show. We were sitting around waiting for the show and I had Nate and Ailey both whining at me. I tried to keep them happy, but nothing was working. At one point some workers came and told us we needed to stand up. I look over and see Shaylyn lying down by a garbage can! I tell her to get up and she starts whining that she’s tired. I lose my cool at that point and storm out with everyone but Lex. He was being good natured so I gave him the choice or staying or going. Tanis just wanted to leave.

I’m so upset that when the worker tells me if I leave I won’t get back into the World of Color show, I pretty much just tell him off. We get back to the hotel and Eric can tell I’m upset. He gets really upset when he realizes I missed the World of Color show.

Ailey had fallen asleep on the way back to the hotel and Nate was out about 5 minutes after we got there. So in their defense they were just super tired. My legs and feet hurt so bad that I thought the hot tub might do them some good. So I took Shaylyn and Tanis down to the pool while I sat in the hot tub. It felt so good on my legs and feet and I would’ve stayed there all night if I could’ve. After awhile though a young couple came and I wanted to give them some privacy so we left. I fell asleep almost as soon as I hit the pillow.

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