Would You Like To Hear A Story?

This is the story of how Eric and I met for the first time, technically. Eric is in denial about this whole story, but it’s ingrained in my head. Don’t tell him this, but I think I only remember cause I had a crush on this kid I didn’t even know. (Eric, for those of you that are slow)

For those of you that don’t know, Eric and I grew up a few subdivisions from each other. We were in different boundaries for elementary school, but not Jr. High. To put it in somewhat simpler terms, we grew up in the same stake, so we were close, but not too close.

So back in 7th grade I made friends with a girl named Crystal. Crystal had grown up a few blocks away from Eric and went to the same elementary school. Crystal and I stayed friends throughout Jr. High and in 9th grade we had Geography together. It was a new school year and one of the first days in class when we got this assignment that required us to get up and move and measure things or something.

Crystal and I were going about the assignment and then came across a question that was just odd. We quickly scanned the room looking for help. I’m not sure EXACTLY how the next part played out, but it was something like this.

I saw some kid sitting off to the side and said, “Let’s go ask that kid, he looks smart.” Crystal responds with, “Yeah, okay. I think his name is Eric.” So we went over and asked if he knew the answer. He quickly mutters his answer and we leave. I never spoke to him again (that year), but noticed him here and there.

Because Eric couldn’t recall this story, I started wondering if I dreamed it or if it was some other kid we ‘cheated’ off of.

Then came the day when I just happened to be looking through Eric’s scrapbooks his mom put together. I’ve looked through the books before, but for whatever reason I paid special attention to his report card this go around. Then I pulled out my report card. Now, I can’t prove that the above story took place – but I can prove that it was at least possible, given the fact that we were in the same Geography class at the start of the year.

I find it interesting that we also had choir at the start of the year together, Seminary at the same time (different teachers) and even had English the same period, second semester. I think it just goes to show that our school had no imagination when it came to scheduling. My ‘boyfriend’ in 9th grade also had English that same period that last semester.
So anyway, that’s the story of when we really 1st met. Sometime I’ll tell the story of our 1st/2nd meeting. It was almost just as short and awkward, but it’s a story Eric remembers. Mwahahaha!
And just for fun I threw in pictures of us from when this story took place. 

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