Going, Going, Gone…

This post has nothing to do with baseball. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of those come summer. This was just a good title for these pictures that end our February.

Nate had a loose tooth for longer than I liked. Every time I’d look at him when he spoke, the tooth was always creating a bigger gap between the teeth next to it. I bugged him every day for probably a week, trying to convince him to just let me pull it out. He kept declining. It got to the point he would say, “I can’t eat that because it hurts my tooth.” We’d just reply with, “Then let us take it out.”

One day he’d had enough and decided he’d let us take it out. After I tried and failed, quite miserably…he let Daddy take a shot and Daddy got that slimy tooth with very little effort. Nate was actually quite surprised with how quickly it came out and how little it hurt.

He still wasn’t quite sure of the whole process of losing a tooth, however. As evidenced by the picture.

That same night we had Jace just playing and jumping in his little jumperoo thing. Before too long he was out!

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