Everything is Awesome!

Well The Lego Movie had been out for awhile and we still hadn’t seen it. We had talked about going a few times, but plans just didn’t pan out. Other plans came up or we were just too tired to think about taking all 6 kids to a movie.

Then came a Monday – Family Night. I decided we should go see either Frozen or The Lego Movie. Frozen wasn’t really playing at any sort of reasonable time for us, so it was The Lego Movie.

It was a movie we all really kind of enjoyed. Jace was even a good baby and allowed me to watch the whole thing.

As we were leaving the theater though, we ran across the cardboard cutout promoting the new Muppet movie. Tanis was first to run behind it wanting a picture. This kind of thing bothers Eric for whatever reason, but I don’t mind it, so one at a time we got pictures of the kids.

So, will we see the new Muppet movie? I don’t know. Only time will tell.

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