Love Day 2014

Valentine’s Day was pretty low-key this year, pretty much like every year. I’m not really complaining. It’s just the way it is.

We, of course, did our traditional Valentine’s Day Cookies. I decided to just do the bigger size as it resulted in fewer cookies and less time we’d have to decorate.

Shortly after our cookies were done, we had this wonderful selection delivered to us…
These were pretty much the hit of the day.
When Eric got home I gave him his gift. It wasn’t anything major and it definitely wasn’t what I had planned, but he made the most of it. What I wanted to get him was the latest Nickelback CD and the soundtrack to the latest Les Mis movie. Well, I’m a procrastinator and shopped the night before and well, I hate Walmart. They never have what I’m in search of. So, instead of what I wanted to get him – I got him a Nickelback Greatest Hits CD and an iTunes gift card. He was appreciative of his gifts and right away he went and downloaded the soundtrack to Les Mis. We discovered that he already had all the songs on the CD I gave him, so we decided that after dinner we’d go back to Walmart to return it and to find something else.
We weren’t sure where we wanted to go to eat and I wasn’t feeling the greatest, so we decided we’d go to a local steakhouse that usually doesn’t have too many people. We lucked out and though the restaurant was full of people, we only waited 5 minutes – if that, for a seat.

We had a good meal and then headed to Walmart. I believe after we returned the CD, we found the Les Mis movie and that’s what Eric got. Yes, he had to pay extra – but we were okay with that.

So, what was my gift? Due to an argument a few days before and Eric getting frustrated – I got my gift early. It was an SD card for my phone. What did I need it for? Music. Yeah, I may have a bit too much music.

Would you believe that 15,856,598,970 bytes of that info is music? In other words there is only 70MB of other information on my card. Maybe I do have a problem.

I also gifted Eric and I about a week later. We had talked about (Okay, I talked, he listened – and mostly agreed) needing a new bedding set. Eric told me to go ahead and get one, but I had a hard time deciding just what I wanted. More importantly, I had a hard time being okay with spending the money the companies wanted for the bedding sets I liked.

I finally found one and ordered it and I am so happy with it. Don’t know that Eric much cares, but it was my Valentine’s gift to both of us. HAHAHA! And it works pretty well with the frames I have hanging up.

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