Six Months

On the 9th of this month Jace turned 6 months old. Seriously can’t believe he’s been on this earth for half a year already. They grow so fast. So being his 6 month birthday I took him for his check-up on the 12th.

While we got put into the room fairly quickly, waiting for the Dr. was another story. I’ve never had to wait as long as we did for this visit.

We kept busy during our wait though. Jace was making the cutest faces and sticking his tongue out and so I snapped a few photos.

After awhile the Dr. came in and started to do the check-up. At one point he asks if Jace has developed the ‘Stranger Danger’ fear yet. I laugh it off and say no. So the Dr. goes to pick Jace up and take him to the table to check his belly and man parts and Jace gets the look of fear on his face and starts crying. Thanks for turning me into a liar, little bud.
The check up goes well and just like his Daddy, this boy is tall and thin. He is 27 3/4 inches tall (89%) and weighs 16 lbs. 5 oz. (24%). Then come the shots. Poor kid. He does not handle shots well at all. 
The rest of the night he wasn’t a very happy camper and just wanted to be loved. But at one point in the night he took a real interest in Flower and it was seriously the only thing that made him happy. He was laughing and smiling. So Daddy kept Flower close by and we even let Jace give her a treat. 
I suppose the phrase is true. “Dog is Man’s (Boy’s) Best Friend.”

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