Melting Like a Snow Cone Man In Phoenix

My mother in law ran across a cute little baking activity that she thought the kids would like to do. She wanted to do it with them sometime during Christmas break and it never happened. So she finally gave me the instructions to do it as well as the pre-made cookie dough, frosting and marshmallows. I decided we’d do it for Family Home Evening tonight.

I’ve never worked with this cookie dough before so I wasn’t sure how it would perform. Turns out I cut the circles way too wide and so they ended up looking more like squares. The point is to make the cookies look like melting snowmen. Here’s our works of art.

And some closeups of the ones I really liked…
THE PAINTER by Shaylyn
SUPERMAN by Shaylyn
She spent a lot of time just trying to get his hair to look right…
The WEIGHTLIFTER is also mine.
Some sort of FLOWER GIRL or something also by me.
ZOMBIES by Shaylyn and Lex (I think)

– Shaylyn’s –

– Alex’s-
(Yes, I worry about my children)
LADY WITH A FUR by little old me
MEDUSA by Shaylyn
SPANISH DANCER came from my brain.
BLUE HAIR by Shaylyn or Me (I honestly can’t remember)
And Tanis’ JOKER ends the night.
Nate and Ailey also made some works of art. Mostly more frosting than anything else. You can see their works of art in the top photo. As for Eric? He participated – sort of. He sat at the table and held Jace. At least he was present. You can’t fault him for that.

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