Art Bot

Shaylyn’s in 6th grade, so I didn’t figure she’d have any major projects after the Renaissance Fair (which I never made it to). Well, that’s not the case. For some reason, it was decided that the 6th graders HAD to participate in the Science Fair this year or write a big long essay.

Shaylyn got with her best friend, Mikayla, and they decided to do something for the Science Fair. I felt bad because Mikayla’s mom helped them do pretty much everything. She took the girls to buy the supplies (we offered to reimburse) and they worked on everything at Mikayla’s house. I was thankful for Mikayla’s mom, but felt like I should be doing more to help out. Everytime I asked Shaylyn how we could help though, she’d said that things were already done.

The girls decided to create Art Bots. I believe they hypothesized that depending on the weights you use and where you place them, the drawings will be different. I think Mikayla kept her weights towards the middle and Shaylyn had hers on the end. Not sure if they drew differently, but a fun project anyway.

Then came the day of the Science Fair. I get a text from Mikayla’s mom asking if I can print the written report off. I readily agreed and was thankful we had ink. So I print the pages off and run to the school to take Shaylyn a quick snack and the pages.

I come back home and get the little kids ready and then we head back to the school. I didn’t want to be there all night, so I just went a little before award time. These girls had a clever project and had so much fun doing it and working on it together.

Sadly, they didn’t win an award and they were both a little saddened by that fact. But I think they had an awesome project. I hope they at least just had fun working on it together and it’s something they’ll remember.

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