This Christmas was so much better than last years. I wasn’t up sick all night and actually got some sleep. In fact, Eric kept the kids quiet and out of my hair until 8:00. Considering they woke up at 6:00 ON Christmas morning, that was quite a chore for him for 2 hours.

We woke up to stuffed stockings and gift surrounding the tree. Santa was quite generous this year.

Then I made sure to take pictures of the kids in their new Christmas Jammies.
…Success!!! I finally have a boy who keeps hats on as a baby…
We then got down to business. And like I like to do, I took 1st gift photos.
Eric played Santa and was up to last years tricks, making Ailey give him a hug before he’d give her her gift. She still fell for it. I wonder at what age she’ll be smarter than Daddy…
There was a big gift that everyone was curious about. It was a gift for Ailey and it took all of her brothers helping to get it opened.
Then I took pictures of everyone’s gifts.
Eric and I worked with Santa and got the family a pretty big gift. We got a Wii U with the Disney Infinity game with a lot of characters to get us started. We also got a few other games and a controller.

…The Adventure Time Game that Tanis is holding was a gift for both Tanis & Shaylyn…

…The BYU hat was part of his haul…

…Jace’s gifts. He was too busy napping to take a picture…
We spent the next few hours playing with new toys. Eric spent the next few hours putting the new kitchen together. He was a little more than frustrated with Santa.

We then got ready to go to Eric’s mom’s house. We had a nice lunch and then did gifts. It was our first Christmas without Dad and it was certainly difficult and strange. I put together a scrapbook page for both Eric’s mom and his brother, Greg. It was the poem Greg had wrote and recited at the funeral. I asked him if I could make a scrapbook page out of it and he gave his approval. I thought it only fitting that he got the finished product.

Both my mother in law and Eric’s brother seemed to like it and that was all I was hoping for. We spent a little bit more time with Eric’s brother and mom before heading to my parent’s.
Can’t say I remember what we did at my parents besides opening gifts and the kids getting somewhat spoiled, but it was still a nice night.

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