Choo Choo All The Way To Sweetsville

It was time once again for Candy Trains. This is something our friends, The Wards have done for years and for the past little bit they’ve invited us over. They weren’t sure it was going to work out this year because their December just got crazy busy, but they were able to pull it off on the 23rd. Thankfully our schedule worked out and we were able to attend as well.

While we had fun making our creations, one of our neighbors put us all to shame and really made a candy train. I wish I had gotten a picture – but, oh well. Here’s a look at our creations anyway.

…At first, all Ailey was interested in was playing with Littlest Pet Shops – hers and our friends…

…She eventually came around though…

…Don’t worry, she didn’t touch anything after putting her fingers all in her mouth…

…Pay special attention to the heart at the top of her creation…

…My ‘sleds’…
What about Eric? Didn’t he make anything? Well, um, no. No he didn’t. But, he was a super terrific babysitter which allowed me to help kids and to make my own creation – so he did his job.

…It helped that he had a buddy to keep him company…

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