Peppermint Holly: Night 23

It was Peppermint Holly’s last night with us…

“Dear my little Hardy Friends,

I’ve had such a wonderful time visiting you this year and as much fun as I’ve had and tomorrow morning will be, I hope that you’ll remember the reason for the season. Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and it’s a wonderful time to be reminded to embrace family, community, sharing, giving and joy. As the holiday season passes, please keep these things in your heart.

When Santa comes for me tonight, I will give him my report. I will then travel back to the North Pole with him. I think I can give Santa a truly wonderful report this year and he may just have a little something special for you. I know that Santa spends a lot of time thinking about the gifts to give to each one of you and he hopes you’ll enjoy them.

I need to ask one thing of each of you, however. Santa wants you to report my behavior to him. Can you each fill out one of these cards so Santa know how good of an elf I’ve been? I really hope I come next year.

– Peppermint Holly”

The kids all left raving reviews for Peppermint Holly, so I think we’ll probably be seeing her again next year.

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