Family Nativity

Our kids have never been part of a nativity. At least not that I can remember. So I was super excited when I heard that Eric’s cousin, Stephanie and her dad, Mark wanted to get the families together to do one and to have a family Christmas party.

This is on Eric’s mom’s side and though she has 5 siblings, only 2 of them also live in Utah. So it was our 3 families and we all have different last names, so we can’t really call it a one family name Christmas party. Even still, we have fun together and it’s always good times.

So on the Sunday before Christmas we headed out to Stephanie’s. The weather was horrible and we were happy to discover that Stephanie really only lives 20 minutes or so from us. (She recently got married and bought a house) We were blessed with safety in our travels and had a really nice night.

Eric’s mom has done a Nativity with her primary classes in the past and I think she may have even had the costumes since Eric was kind of young. Either way we were set with costumes and the kids pretty much got to choose who they wanted to be.

Ailey chose to be an angel, Nate was a shepherd and a wiseman as was Lex. Shaylyn got to play the part of Mary and Tanis was Joseph. While there are 2 babies born within weeks of each other in this family – they decided to let Jace play the part of baby Jesus. Stephanie even had the perfect blanket to serve as swaddling clothes.

The kids did a great job and it was so humbling to see all of my kids together in a peaceful situation.

…A Little Bit of Prep…

…Grandma is showing the shepherds how to look afraid…
After the Nativity, we had Tanis perform a few songs on his clarinet and we ended the night singing a few Christmas Carols.
There was talk of making this a yearly tradition and I truly hope we do. But even if it doesn’t end up happening, I am happy that we did it at least once and that all of my kids were able to participate.

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