I turned 34 this year. Crazy. I honestly don’t feel that old and I have to laugh because when I was younger I totally thought people in their 30’s were old. Um, no – they’re not.

I wasn’t feeling too excited for my birthday. I was still saddened by my father in law’s sudden passing and celebrating a birthday without him around was going to be hard.

My mother in law surprised me a few days before my birthday and asked me if I’d like a new version of the graphics program I use for my scrapbooking and editing of pictures. I of course said yes. Because of the deal the company had going I was able to also purchase a video editing software (which I had needed for awhile) for only $10.

My birthday came on a Saturday and because we were at my nephews birthday party the night before my birthday, my older sister and mom gave me my birthday gifts then. Sadly, they had both bought me some clothes that were too big for me.

Eric gave me Just Dance 2014 and then asked what I’d like to do with the rest of the day. I decided to go to Ruby River Steakhouse and then we’d run to the mall to exchange the shirts my mom and sister had given me.

Before we left for the day, Shaylyn gave me her wonderful gift. She put a lot of work and creativity into it.

She made origami cranes of each of the kids and put them outside of a ‘window”. She made a cute card that explained it a little bit, but I can’t find it now. She even made a super tiny crane for Jace. This girl constantly surprises me with what she puts together.

We had a wonderful meal and Jace was so good during the meal. He was playing with a toy so cutely and I took a picture with my phone, but alas it’s another one that I thought I had transferred when we recently switched phones – but no.

So after we ate, we headed to the mall. My mom and sister both bought their gifts at JC Penney (probably went together) so we went to return them. Now the cashier probably should’ve given me JC Penney credit because I didn’t have a receipt, but for whatever reason she gave me cash. I was thankful though, cause it meant I wasn’t stuck shopping at one store.

We looked through JC Penney to start with to see if I could find the same shirts I was given, but in a smaller size – but I couldn’t. So we headed to other stores in the mall. Downeast Basics was having a sale and I got a killer deal on 2 shirts and and a cami. It was fun to have Eric with me and to see what he liked. It really helped determine what I bought. I still had a little bit of money left so we kept looking around.

During our travels we ran across Vinyl 4 Decor. Because I’m kinda obsessed with all things vinyl, we stopped in the store. I like to see new quotes and designs, I was also looking for something to add to our bedroom wall. I had organized pictures differently a few weeks before and now wanted some sort of vinyl quote to go with it. Eric asked if I couldn’t have just done it myself with my Cricut and I told him I could, but I’m too lazy. Anyway, we found the perfect sayings and my wonderful husband indulged me and $25 later I had what I was seeking.

I’m aware the vinyl doesn’t really go with the black,white,tan color scheme I’ve got going on – but I wanted something that represented each of us. Eric chose one of the quotes he liked best and I chose one. Then I had them do one in my favorite color and one in his favorite color.
While we were wandering the mall, I was spoiled once again. We passed a stand doing Cinnamon Roasted Almonds and to my surprise Eric bought a package for me. He knows what I like.

We decided to head back to JC Penney since that’s where we parked and I found a couple t-shirts that I bought with the money I had left over.

When we got home the kids and I played my new Just Dance game and then we called it a night.

The next day we went to Eric’s moms where she had prepared a birthday dinner for me. I asked for French Dip sandwiches and that’s just what I got. I also requested a jello cake, which she also made for me – complete with tons of whip cream. YUM!

She couldn’t let the night go by without the traditional birthday cake photos.

I had a great birthday all-in-all. I still missed Eric’s dad and it was definitely weird to not have him around celebrating a birthday. What I really missed was his sense of humor and the fun candles that he had found and used a couple years ago.

That being said, I’m thankful for my family. My kids are amazing and always try to do things to cheer mom up and they always want to be a part of celebrating my birthday. My husband does what he can to make me happy and I’m thankful for in-laws who treat(ed) me as their own.

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