You’re Special

This was the Survivor Week #2 challenge. The challenge was Something Magical. From the forum rules:

“This Layout will be inspired by the magical ruby slippers of Oz! What item do you have in your life that is precious to you? Maybe quilt your grandmother made for you, or is it your wedding ring, your old cheerleader sweater or sweethearts Letterman jacket, maybe you have dog tags from your (or your loved ones) time serving your country, or maybe you have your very own special pair of ruby slippers! Whatever it may be, this is your opportunity to create a layout, all about your treasured item. “

The item that jumped out at me was a stuffed bear. The layout journaling tells you the rest…

“It’s that tangible item I chose to cling to after you died. It was the last birthday gift I received from you and grandma. (Though uncle David actually chose it)
A simple, pink stuffed bear with a little pillow with the words: You Are Special. You were always one to see the worth of souls. This bear has traveled with me for 20 years and helped me feel like you’ve been here when I’ve needed you, especially anytime I hear the words, “You Are Special.”
Though only one of nineteen grandkids, you always made me feel important and special, as if I were your only one.”


KIT: Live Your Life by Aprilisa
TEMPLATE: Blend In Vol. 1 by Connie Prince

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