Here’s To October

October was a difficult month for me, emotionally, mentally and physically. I started out the month with a massive cold that knocked me on my butt and then the month just got worse. News with Eric’s Dad got worse by the day and everytime I sat down to edit pictures, I just didn’t have it in me.

I finally decided I needed to try and catch things up, so there’s a massive amount of posts being made. Because I didn’t want them all to show up under today’s date, I dated them the day they happened, so there’s a couple post buried beneath my more ‘recent’ posts.

I would ask that if you’re going to read the updates you start with the first update, instead of the way the blog reads. If you do things the way the blog reads, you may find things a bit helter skelter. If you like things that way, then by all means read it that way. If you like to read things from the beginning you can start with the post, He’s Growing Too Fast and go from there.

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