My little sister is part of a craft group with a bunch of her friends. They used to meet together every month, but then my sister moved and so she doesn’t meet with them – but she still does the crafts. A few months ago she invited me to be a part of the FB group and it went downhill from there.

A few times a month the girl spearheading the group will post a craft and ask who is interested in doing it. She will then go buy the items needed to make the craft and we pay her from there. She posted a couple things in recent months that grabbed my attention, but it also took a couple months to actually get around to doing them.

The first one was a sign for Independence Day and since it’s creeping up on us, I figured I’d better get my butt in gear and get it put together. The girl originally found the idea on Pinterest. (I think that’s where she gets all of her ideas)

I did mine slightly different and distressed my sign when I was complete. I also made the star blue, when most of the others that did this craft stuck with white.

The next craft was a countdown sign. I laughed at the timing of this craft because I had just started a countdown on my big white board in the kitchen and was thinking to myself, “I should make a real countdown sign of some sort.”

So of course I jumped on the bandwagon with this countdown sign:

(It was 50 days until baby, it’s now 45! Though I’m praying it’s more like 30…)
I apologize for not knowing more about the fonts and materials used for a majority of these projects. Like I said, there was another girl that got all the supplies together – I just actually PUT them together.

Anita’s Acrylic Craft Paint – White (Used as base coat of paint)
Delta Ceramcoat – White (Because I didn’t have enough of the above)

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